Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Beginning. . .

Sooooooo I`ve been wanting to create my blog for the longest and just haven't found the time to actually do it. With a final that I am absolutely not prepared for in 4 days I thought there is no better time then right now! I know your thinking I'm crazy and should probably be doing nothing but studying but the truth is at this moment there is too much going on in my head to even begin to focus on sociology...urghhh.

Like many before me, I am guilty of recklessly using public social networking sites as a way of venting. Don't judge me. We all do it at one point or another but this blog will be different. No character limits, no trending topics, no knowing who's "following" me. Just my feelings, thoughts, opinions, and perspectives on the myself and the world surrounding me.

My disclaimer: This blog will portray the REAL me. Not the me you think you know, the me I might front to be, or the me you want me to be but the REAL me. I will warn you it might think I'm being ratchet, weak, disrespectful, tacky, bougie, etc but I promise it will be REAL. For those who know me and even those who don't, I feel as if I am a very mis understood person at times. I almost never walk outside without my hair done, make-up in tact, and outfit perfectly coordinated and while I do take pride in my appearance at many times I feel like this is a cover-up. The hair, the make-up, the clothes sometimes translate into a wall that I have subconsciously put up that essentially has become me because it's been there for so long. Hmmm does that make sense??

Anywho, for those who wish to take a look into a always growing, sometimes confused, often scared, but does her best to never let it show girl, this blog is for you. Welcome...

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  1. nice blog!

    name is like mine lol