Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Confessions of A Shopaholic Pt. 1

Ok, so yesterday I briefly touched on the saga of of a Shopaholic. Well i've been doing pretty well (or atleast I think I was) but today (for the last 2 hours) I went bananas. Usually I can pinpoint why. Sometimes it's major like a break - up or huge dispute with a friend. Sometimes it's as little like a C on a paper or the parental frustrating me. But tonight....idk.

It could be the anxiety of my last final, the anticipation of going home, but as I write I think it's coming to me. Usually when I shop obsessively it's for a negative reason but I feel my "addiction" (and I use that word loosely) taking a turn for the better because the truth is I feel good. Real good. Better then usual. You know that deep breath of freedom that fills your lungs when you think about someone who not to long ago meant the world to you (or not but felt that way at the time) but you can safely say you've moved on? Yeah it was one of those and that positive feeling gave me the urge to shop!

Now I shop when I feel good and bad and since there is usually no in between  with me, what does that mean for my Visa card statement.....OH NO LOL!


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