Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year; Same Bull...

With the anticipation of a new year comes the excitement of letting go of "bad habits" and working towards better ones. Every year - Myself included, millions of people think that at the stroke of midnight everything will just change. Suddenly you'll be able to put yourself on a strict diet, suddenly you'll stop drinking or smoking, suddenly your gonna just stop caring about some guy from your past, but the truth is old habits die hard.

A new year does not equate to a fresh start. Nobody forgets what happened months prior because the year has changed. As much as I wish a new year meant new beggings the truth is it doesn't. For me that became evident last night.

I don't like to reference particular people or situations because thats not what this blog is about so I wont but I will say this, if nothing else this past year has taught me this: Be careful who you trust. I have come to realize that I have always been naive in thinking that everyone has my best interest at heart. This goes for both sexes. Be careful who you consider your friend vs. acquaintance. It is essential to know the difference. Most importantly, be careful who you trust with your emotions because when not managed correctly, they can be a DANGEROUS thing!! (More on that some other time). Just always remember not what you want, but what you deserve. It's easy to forget when your emotions are too caught up in one person or situation.

For me this New Year means more then empty resolutions and unattainable aspirations, it a chance for me to reevaluate who I am, what I will and will not stand for, what I want in life, and what it will take to get there. This New Year didn't quite begin as pleasantly as I had hoped for but I have promised myself to make a conscious effort to have it end as planned. Things change all the time but I will look back at this year and know that I gave my life the effort it deserves.

HAPPY 2010 TO EVERYONE . . . Live. Laugh. Love & By All Means Be Fabulous !


  1. i really want to go to the Art institute of Chicago or Pratt! What school do you go to?

  2. Thats cool. I go to Howard University and I love it. Well for the most part at least lol. College is college just be careful who yu trust! What do yu wanna major in ?

  3. You express yourself in a very grown and fantabulous clear way! you go girl!